Install Driver


VGA       #TOP

Step 1

To install the VGA driver, insert the CD ROM into the CD ROM device, and enter DRIVER>VGA>CT65545.  If your system is not equipped with a CD ROM device, copy the VGA driver from the CD ROM to a 1.44 diskette. 

Step 2

Execute  SETUP.EXE  file.

Step 3

The screen shows the chip type. Press any key to enter the main menu.

Step 4

There are some items for choice to setup.  Please choose the <Windows Version 3.1> item notice the function key defined. Press [ENTER] selected the <All Resolutions>, when this line appears [*] symbol, which means this item is selected.  Pressing [End] starts to install.

Step 5

The screen will show the dialog box, demanding the user to type the WIN31s path.  The default is C:\WINDOWS.

Step 6

As the setup is completed, the system will generate the message as follows.


 Installation is done!  

 Change to your Windows directory and type SETUP to run the Windows Setup program.  Choose one of the new drivers marked by an *.  Please refer to the Users Guide to complete the installation.

Step 7

Press the [Esc] key to return to the main menu, and re-press the [Esc] key to return to the DOS mode.

Step 8

In the WIN31, you can find the <Chips CPL> icon located in the {CONTROL PANEL} group.

Step 9

Adjust the <Refresh Rate>, <Cursor Animation>, <Font size>, <Resolution>, and <Big Cursor>.

Note: In the VGA directory, a readme.txt file is included to provide installation information.