Install Driver

                         Touch Screen   


Touch Screen       #TOP


Step 1

To install the Touch Screen driver, insert the CD ROM into the CD ROM device, and enter DRIVER>TouchScreen>PM6500>USB_RS232>Windows.

Step 2

Execute Setup.exe file. Just click [Next >] button to continue installation.

Step 3

Windows will prompt a message before driver install. A License Agreement window appears. Click "I Agree" and "Next"

Step 4

When ready to install the driver. Click “Install”.

Step 5

When the window below shows up, please select “yes” for installing PenMount as mouse mode; select “no” for digitizer mode. If your operating system doesn’t support Windows tablet input, digitizer device can’t be used, therefore you have to select “yes” here, otherwise after the installation the touch doesn’t work after re-booting. 

Step 6

A Windows Notifying of installation completion appears. Click “Finish”.

Step 7

Users can check the situation of controllers in Device Manager. If the controller is set up well, there will be messages as the following picture.

Step 8

As soon as driver installation finishes, the icon of PenMount monitor.